Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Eve at Hogle Zoo

For New Year's Eve this year we went to Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo. How Neat!! The lights were wonderful and the kids had a lot of fun. The tigers were very active and the cubs were so cute. You don't get to see lots of animals but it gets the kids excited and talking about going in the summer, but the lights are well worth seeing. My camera batteries died so I did not get anywhere near enough photos but here is what I did get.

We then went to eat out with the Bassett Clan and celebrated Rachel's birthday (January 2nd). We had fun seeing the family and love being with them.


Ok, 4 in the morning is a bit too much. Yes, that is when Tyler, Kole, and Dani came bounding in. My response, "Christmas is not at 4, 5 maybe!!!) So, they went and watched a movie downstairs for an hour, but that was it. So yes, we let them go see what Santa brought, but no touching until we could all get in there. Joslyn was so cute, she was sitting by her new baby doll just giddy! " I love it!!" she exclaimed, with little hands wiggling and excited but not touching. How fun Christmas is with kids, even tired teenagers.

Cody got new skis and bindings along with some stuff for his truck. Nikole and Dani got Pixos, clothes, and ski stuff. Tyler got video games, clothes and snowboarding stuff. Joslyn got a doll, clothes, and a soft chair. Kirk got new 509 Aviator snowmobiling goggles and a torpedo heater for his shop. I got a big stand-up jewlery box and lots of fun things from the kids.
Some of the traditions that we have are on Christmas Eve we have shrimp and lobster, read the Christmas story from the scriptures and play games. We always get up early, call all the family, have a nice lunch and just enjoy the day. We love to think of new neighbor gifts and enjoy all of the things we get from our great friends.

Cody got new skis and bindings along with some stuff for his truck. Nikole and Dani got Pixos, clothes, and ski stuff. Tyler got video games, clothes and snowboarding stuff. Joslyn got a doll, clothes, and a soft chair.

Welcome to 2010!

Yes, I am so behind. Life moves fast whether or not you want it to. Since the last posting we have had changes in our lives, mostly good though.

Kirk is now 1st counselor in the Elder's Quorum. He is serving with some great guys and I think he is enjoying it. He is still assistant scout master as well. He is thrilled we are finally seeing some snow so that he can finally get out snowmobiling. I think that he lives for this sport!!

Cody is officially a driver. He passed both tests and loves the freedom it brings. He is very ready to start skiing (he got fancy new skiis, bindings, and poles for Christmas). He will be teaching ski school at Pine Creek Resort in Wyoming on Fridays and taking a freestyle skiing clinic on Saturdays at Beaver. He is in Honor Society (he would say only because his mother makes him, but he is smart and can do it) and is doing well in school.

Tyler will be starting back up snowboarding and gymnastics. He turns 11 in February and is quite a handsome young man. He loves playing video games! He is doing well in school with B+ or better in all his classes (yes, that is our rule!!!). At the end of January he will be getting his Arrow of Light award!

Nikole is loving dance!! She has such fun with it and loves the costumes. Competitions wont start until April this year but will be just about every weekend. Biggest news for Nikole is that her Insulin pump has been ordered and she should be starting with it in the next few weeks. She is nervous but excited as well. She is also excited for the ski season!

Dani is becoming quite the little lady. She loves dancing and singing and doing anything girly! She is doing great in pre-school and can't wait to start kindergarten in August. She has really come along with her skiing. She loves to just zoom down the hill and head for Beaver's new conveyer belt.

Joslyn is just a hoot. She loves to talk and can talk better than most 4 year olds and is only 2. She loves being with her sisters and she adores her Coco (Cody). She likes to have Cody take her up on the ski lift and whiz on down.

As for me, I just keep teaching (school and Sunday school) and driving kids around. I long for the day that I will be able to just take off with Kirk snowmobiling or just scrapbook and craft without any worries but if that means that my kids have to grow up even faster than they are I will wait. I love being a mom and wife and I hope that my sanity stays intact enough so when it is finally my time I will still be able to enjoy it!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our precious Nikole was baptized on August 1st. She was so excited. She picked out her own dress and she looked beautiful! We are so proud of her decision to follow our Heavenly Father's plan.
On July 4th our sweet Joslyn turned 2! She is our last baby and boy does she play that up. She is such a special little thing. She talks like she is 4 and acts like she is 14! She loves playing with her sisters and is defintely her Daddy's girl (unless grandpa is around).

Ok, so I haven't posted in a very long time--back to business. Cody turned 15 and in Idaho that means driving. No, this is not his car, but it is our car. There is no way we could afford insurance for a boy with a sports car. But he still loves driving it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Here is Nikole's dance solo that she has been doing all year. She has done so well with it. She was queen for the 3rd time this year (that is first place). She looks so cute and performed like a pro in front of all of those people! We are very proud of how hard she has worked.

Four-Wheeling and Dirt Biking in September


In August Cody earned his Eagle Scout award. He has had a lot of fun during his scouting years and finally the end arrives. For his project he did saftey kits for all of the primary children. The primary and parents were invited to listen to Sheriff Bunn talk about safety. He then fingerprinted every child and those along with a strand of hair, a picture and dna sample were placed in a baggie for the parents to keep. Cody was given the Eagle Charge by his father which was truely special. We want to thank all of the friends and family for coming to be with him on the special day. We especially thank Alan Michelson for his dedication to scouting in helping Cody and for his friendship. Cody, we are so proud of you and love you very much!

Grandma & Grandpa Kennedy

Grandma & Grandpa Kennedy
This picture was taken while we were down in Marysvale at Tanner's baptism. (Why I didn't get a picture of all the grandkids with grandma and grandpa is beyond me). My kids love their grandparents dearly and enjoy spending time with them. My parents are my heros. They are always there for me and love me unconditionally. They spoil my children--but grandma would say that is love and the kids would agree. Thank you Mom and Dad for being mine.


A highlight of our South Dakota trip was having Sean with us. We only get to see her maybe twice a year because we live so far apart. Sean has turned into such a beautiful young lady (we love all of the nieces and nephews!) and she has the sweetest of personalities. While in South Dakota she celebrated her 14th birthday and we snapped this special photo of her and Grandpa Bassett.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone But Not Forgotten
This blog is all about family, and even though Dan is not with us here he is still a very big part of this family. He will always be a big part of our hearts and we love him dearly.

Here are some pictures of us all at Bear Lake in August.